Extreme Fishing Innovation!

Netting With Efficiency

As a net, the NetStaff® currently comes in two sizes, a nine-inch wide trout net and a twelve-inch wide salmon/steelhead net. Each net is sixteen inches tall and is specifically designed to this length to optimize traveling in a standard suitcase. What good is a net or wading staff if you can't take it in your luggage? So, this has been purposefully planned into the design and the net hoop maximizes the netting, carrying and travel aspects needed by fishermen. The net bag material maximizes fish safety and does not scale the fish or remove the slime coat. But just as important it does not snag hooks and become a nuisance after netting the fish. Simply use it to net the fish, unhook the fish and go back to fishing. The bag capacity has been carefully crafted to capture and immobilize the fish targeted once netted without harm, a big bag for salmon/steelhead and a smaller bag for trout.

Wade With Confidence

Until now, a wading staff has been an awkward stream fishing tool. It is very useful when needed and totally cumbersome when trying to fish. When not actually wading, a wading staff has only been in the way and wastes fishing time retrieving it for use or storing it away when trying to fish. Storage and access of a wading staff historically has been difficult, until now, and if the fisherman doesn't put it away when fishing, it becomes more of a danger and hindrance than an aid. Because of this, many fishermen elect not to carry either a net or a staff. With its patented design the NetStaff stores and carries on your back without any effort and when needed is quick and easy to use either as a net or a staff. A wading handle is located on the net hoop opposite of the net handle and the net shaft telescopes to 54 inches in length for the overall system. This design has been extensively field-tested and it works extremely well. The best part is you don't even know it is there until you need it.

A Built In Return On Investment

Built into the NetStaff handle is a unique retrieval hook incorporated to assist the fisherman to retrieve flies from trees and bushes or equipment dropped into the stream. So not only does the NetStaff make netting and wading easy but also pays for itself with only a handful of trips afield. The hook is made of stainless steel and is hidden inside the bottom grip. Tested in mud, sand, silt, clay and gravel the hook stays hidden and unobstructed by the elements and is out of the way until needed. When the fisherman needs it he can easily extend the hook by pulling the small access tab. Simply clasp the hook and extend into position. When finished, just push it back and out of the way. What's the value of retrieving a double fly rig out of the trees in money or time? What's the value of grabbing your forceps off the bottom of the Big Horn River? No more wet sleeves and no replacement purchase!

So Easy To Use... You Don't Even Know It's There

The patent pending carry and storage system designed for the NetStaff is part of why it works so well. What comes with each NetStaff is the GearDock™ and Dock Holder™. The GearDock can be attached either by placing it on the D-ring located on the back of most fishing raincoats or vests or the fisherman has the option of permanently attaching the cup carrier to a vest or raincoat utilizing the GearDock provided and the Dock Holder is then attached to it. The ball located on the NetStaff is simply dropped into the top of the GearDock and it falls securely into place. When needed the fisherman simply reaches behind and grabs the net handle, pushes up to release it and uses it to either net a fish or wade. Once finished just put it back with one simple motion.

John Barbiaux
"The NetStaff has made carrying a net a simple joy, no more dropping it or getting it snagged on trees as I hike to my favorite fishing spots."
Stuart Cordell
"Absolutely the best stream fishing aid ever! And it pays for itself."
Chris Blood
I don't know where the NetStaff has been all of my life but I'm sure glad it was developed. The NetStaff has saved me from swimming, saved many flies and rigs from trees and bushes, and even saved lost fish because of the convenient netting aspect of the product. The great thing is I also don't know I have it with me... until I need it.

Extreme Fishing Innovation