The NetStaff® Story

 The thought:

The idea of the NetStaff® was crystallized while fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead on the Ashtabula River. Although the idea was floating around in the mind for quite some time, one particular outing put the idea in motion. It was conjured up on the many streams and rivers where trout live and based on why some products worked so poorly.

After extensive design and field-testing, the NetStaff is a practical fishing device that functions the way it should and with no hassle. It assists in wading, netting, retrieving equipment and accesses and stores in a snap. It is designed to fit in your travel bag so you can take it anywhere, but most importantly it is environmentally friendly to the fish. The net material will not scale or de-slime the fish, and they can be returned to the steam or river unharmed.

Functionality without aggravation:

At the heart of any great fishing product is a high level of functionality, ease of use and derived benefit. A great product is so advantageous you can’t get along without it. It helps you catch fish and enjoy the day. It becomes a standard item in your fishing equipment. The NetStaff® is just such a product and one we know you will not want to fish without.

 Don’t get wet and land your fish:

Aggressive wading fishermen, once in a while, will put themselves in a situation where they eventually get into wading trouble. It’s at this point when they wished they had their staff but chose not to carry it because of the hassle. Now they regret it. Or, a fisherman hooks the big fish of a lifetime and left the net in the truck, again because of the hassle. So what is the solution? A device that is easy to carry, access, use and store. And when not in use you’re not even aware it is there.

 Practical and convenient:

Ever wondered who designed certain products and why they function the way they do? If you have asked the question, it is probably because they have some awkward aspect about them that makes them cumbersome or non-functional. Many fishing products fit this scenario and especially accessory items such as wading staffs or landing nets. The quandary facing you as you stand at your car or truck preparing for the day’s fishing is the choice between effort verses benefit and often the effort to take them along isn’t worth the benefit. The NetStaff® eliminates this problem.

 You don’t know it is there until you need it:

When fishing nets get tangled in brush, fall off your back, swing around from your back and knock off your hat or glasses or are just simply left behind when you put it on the bank and forget it, the fishermen simply doesn’t use it any longer. When you do finally hook a fish, getting your hands on the net in a simple and quick way is almost impossible. At that point it is a device where the aggravation of carrying it with you greatly outweighs the benefit. Wading staffs have the same inherent problem. And the wading staff is a total nuisance if not in use. The idea of using a net or wading staff causes you to buy one but the practicality of carrying them around causes you to leave them behind. It is no longer a hassle when using the NetStaff®