Important: The NetStaff requires the proper placement of the GearDock™ to perform at maximum efficiency. 


Find the Sweet Spot

It is important to utilize the NetStaff® system efficiently by insuring the Dock Holder™ is applied to your back in an easy to reach position. This is called the sweet spot of your back and is an area close to the C-7 vertebra or just above and is easy to reach. If, after you connect your DockHolder™ to your garments D-ring you cannot easily reach it, you should consider using the supplied Dock Holder™.

(Although D-ring’s are the most convenient method to attach the GearDock almost all D-rings will have play in them and sometimes will not be as efficient as possible. Additionally, some D-rings are not as strategically placed as they might be and reduce some convenience of use. We recommend attaching the DockHolder™ permanently to your garment for best performance.)

Please refer to the print and video instructions for more information on this subject.